Real-Time Viewer Opinion  of Broadcast or Streamed Programming

Better UX Through Seamless Interaction

theQuestion enables viewers to interact  with the community using a mobile device, offering opinion and comment in a live format. User participation is encouraged by;

  • Simple Access
  • Entertaining app input
  • Variety of rewards in informational formats

Global Database of Accumulated User Feedback

Using cloud services to dynamically update database, each user receives a unique experience. The content creator accesses the database for user opinion, demographics and geolocation. Using timestamps, data can be collated whether viewers watch live, on-demand or streamed programming.

State of Current Development

What is offered is a system and mobile application in early development  with patent pending. Docketed for October 2016. Recent competitive efforts are uncompelling because of onerous  participation requirements, and competitors' limited, uninspired efforts. theQuestion allows simple access, and substantial improvement in depth and breadth of data. 

We are currently looking for partners or a platform to adopt this project in order to fast-track its development. If you are interested and have the capacity to support the project, please contact us.

Patent Abstract

Disclosed is a system, method and apparatus for opinion polling of broadcast or live streamed media. The scalable system enables real time analysis and display of continuously updated audience opinion data. A computing device with a touchscreen may be used to input personal opinion, view program content, and observe compiled audience reaction, simultaneously. Content and reaction may also be viewed separately. Granularity of data is substantially improved as is nuanced comprehension of responses. Iterative opinion input is enabled, in both numerical rating and textual comment. Unsolicited, top-of-mind audience reaction is accommodated while latency is reduced to a near conversational level. A rich consumer data base may be correlated to opinion. The apparatus enabling system function communicates tactilely to the user the opinion being output by the device.